Empowering All to Excel

I read so many interesting research articles, blog posts and reports in the media that I know would be of interest to colleagues that I work with. Ofsted have recently encouraged the school I work in to “look outwards”, seeking good practice from the wider world of education.

Whilst this information can be easily shared on Twitter (where I find most of this information), not all staff use social media. So to support the sharing of this information, I have decided to create this page for staff to use as a signpost for wider reading.

Getting off to the best start with a new class via @shaun_allison 03.9.17

The power of teacher expectations via@AndreaWilliamJ2 written by @huntingenglish 03.9.17

The trap of ignorong students that have overcome adversity in favour of high attaining students via @JarlathOBrien @Tes


Creating a Culture How School Leaders can optimise behaviour via @tombennett71 20.6.17

A Character Building Curriculum in 12 easy steps Via @optimusEd 25.4.17

Pupils have their own friends, they don’t need another one. Via @tes 3.4.17

Access Maths resources  –  Via @sporteredu RT @accessmaths 1.4.17

The way we talk YouTube clip  –  Via National Award SENCO course. 23.3.17. This clip requires a follow up blog post / resource.

‘Complexity and emotion underpin SEND in education and that can be both a good and a bad thing’  –  Via @tes @jon_severs 21.3.17