Time to act – Addressing the root causes of childhood mental and physical health problems. 

The frequency of reports in the media about increasing levels of mental health problems in children, the rising levels of childhood obesity and the looming diabetes timebomb is deeply concerning.
As a passionate school leader and physical education practitioner, my concern is matched with anger and frustration. These worrying reports are coupled with ongoing research with overwhelming evidence that physical activity not only has significant physical and mental health benefits but also improves academic performance. And yet we continue to see a steady flow of reports informing us that more and more children are being put off physical activity and sport from an early age.

Whilst some schools appear to be getting their PE and school sport strategy right, there continues to be far too many schools that are not; certainly not for every child. This, being the case, despite the extra finding being provided by the PE and school sport premium funding. Something needs to be done.

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Senior Leaders – A future gold medalist or removing disadvantage?

Does your school have a successful sport programme?

What does it mean for a school to be successful at sport?

In the build up to the Olympics in Rio, there will no doubt be an increase in articles in the media about how the school sport system is (or isn’t) helping to produce Gold medalists this summer. But is it the role of schools and PE Departments to produce Gold medalists? Should this traditional viewpoint be maintained? Have senior leaders fully considered the potential of their PE Department to support all students to achieve their full potential?

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