Project Phoenix Parkour – Part II

I previously posted about a Parkour Project Phoenix option that myself and Ali Trippick ( – @alibaamoo) were leading during term 6. The post details the rationale behind the project and the learning focus for the students. Click here to read the post.

Ali did a great job of turning this around in a tight time frame, in addition to many other important deadlines that the end of term threw at her.

We recorded so much footage, that we had to leave a majority of it out. If I get the time, I would like to do a second cut.

Enjoy the show!

Check out for more videos involving students from Bath Community Academy and the wider Cabot Learning Federation (predominantly from Bristol Metropolitan Academy, where Tom Hooper leads the Cabot freerunning project).

Keep up the good work Tom.

A side thought… I wonder how many schools have a significant number of students choosing gymnastics as their most enjoyable activity in PE?