Shifting a culture of attainment to one of progress…in 5 minutes! 

It was another fresh January day, the sun was shining, the temperature close to freezing and students were passing the time during their lunch break. 

As I approached a group of KS 3 students on my lunch time walkabout, they looked as though they could have done with some direction and purpose. As I engaged in conversation with the group, a student reminded me of a chat we had earlier in the year about Parkour. I hope to one day create a Parkour club, but need to ensure I have the capacity to consistently commit to the students each week.

I set down a couple of tokens (used to reward positive behaviours around the school) marking set distances from a low wall that we were standing next to. I demonstrated a simple precision jump  for them from the first level, landing on top of the brick work with control and balance on the balls of my feet. A few students then had a go with varying degrees of success, but there were many that were reluctant to make any attempt. Continue reading

Cheers Drive – Leading (and Learning) on the Buses

It was a rainy afternoon during the last week of Term 2, when I found myself captivated by a gentlemen who I had only just met. He was talking to me about the importance of building a culture of respect when working with young people. He was driving a school bus, as he has done twice a day either side of his work as a civil engineer, for over 20 years. Little did I realise that I would learn so much on this single journey.

What is your Secret Sauce?

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It is one of many images they have created that I have liked over the years. What I really enjoy is reading about the story behind the image. Most of them are written in the context of the business world, but leadership concepts can be applied across many areas. My natural instinct is to adapt them to the world of education.

How will I use this in school?

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Building Confidence…Through Cups!?

During the summer holiday, I was taught by eldest niece how to do the cup song (somehow I’ve missed the phenomenon over recent years!?). I had to learn all of the moves/actions, I grappled with the timing, strained under the pressure of performing it in time with my niece (darn quick hands at the age of 10) and couldn’t resist challenging her to create a sequence / performance that involved us both. I became mentally exhausted after an intense 30 minute period.

I have taken great pride in recent years being part of a PE Department that has created a culture where children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) have thrived. As part of my new role, which includes SENCo, I am spending considerable time within the SEND department. As I was thrown into the learning pit by my niece, I made a number of comparisons to PE lessons I have taught in recent years. My brain started to generate ideas about how the cup song could be used as a vehicle to develop learning confidence. Continue reading

Developing Gymnasts Without a Gymnasium

How can you develop gymnasts without a gymnasium, rugby players without a rugby pitch or tennis players without a tennis court?
The quick answer is to think Physical Education, not sports coaching. Developing the physical fundamental movement skills and wider multi-ability skills (personal, social, creative etc) that every sports performer requires to compete at a high (or any) level, can be developed in a range of ways and in some less obvious locations.

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Senior Leaders – A future gold medalist or removing disadvantage?

Does your school have a successful sport programme?

What does it mean for a school to be successful at sport?

In the build up to the Olympics in Rio, there will no doubt be an increase in articles in the media about how the school sport system is (or isn’t) helping to produce Gold medalists this summer. But is it the role of schools and PE Departments to produce Gold medalists? Should this traditional viewpoint be maintained? Have senior leaders fully considered the potential of their PE Department to support all students to achieve their full potential?

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Leaving my jersey in a better place

I have spent this last term in an unfamiliar position. I have handed in my notice, having worked at Bath Community Academy (and its predecessor, Culverhay school) for 15 years. This includes a year of initial teacher training in 2001. I have accepted a new contract at Winterbourne International Academy (WIA) as Assistant Principal – minority / vulnerable groups achievement, including SENCo.

Having seen many staff come and go over the years, I myself, have never experienced working in a school, knowing I was soon to leave. Until now that is. Continue reading