WWW / EBI 2013/14

I have been sent this email from @alibaamoo in preparation for a PE meeting later this week.

I thought it was worth sharing on this blog.

Outstanding work.

Could you please have a think about the following questions in preparation for the meeting on Friday (P6&7 in the Performance Office). I don’t want you to email me back responses but I do want you to be prepared to discuss them on Friday.
1)      What has worked well with the KS3 curriculum plan this year?
2)      How can we ensure 100% of students score at least 70/80 for the practical element of GCSE PE? What do we need to be doing in Year 7 to achieve this?
3)      Blank piece of paper – what would you include in a KS3 curriculum, how do we ensure a range of abilities are developed?
4)      We will have Year 7 on their own up till Christmas, how will this work with the curriculum?
5)      Another blank piece of paper (apart from the continuation of year 11 doing BTEC) – what does core KS4 PE look like?
6)      What didn’t work well? Do we scrap it or try a different take?
7)      How can we maximise the space and facilities (and students) that we have?
8)      Do we stick to blocks of 5/6 lessons on terms?

This will do for now. I don’t want to spend the whole time chatting about these questions, I want to get down some initial ideas. As a result of this meeting I want to be able to go away and put together a draft plan at the weekend to give back to you to have a look.


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