Leading in dance

Every Friday afternoon, we have a specialist dance teacher visit BCA to teach dance as part of our Project Phoenix provision.
Currently, the group are working towards performing at the BANES SSP Dance Umbrella, a three night dance extravaganza involving nearly every primary and secondary school in BANES.
I met up with the teacher following this weeks session, asking her how it had gone. She was delighted with the attitude the students were demonstrating and the subsequent progress being made.
She specifically commented on how amazing it was to see the older students supporting the younger, less experienced dancers and the impact this was having on the group. It was contributing to a supportive environment (as students continually provide peers with encouragement and feedback on their performances) and accelerating learning of all students. The teacher felt almost redundant!
Whilst I was really pleased to hear the feedback, I was not surprised, as this reflects how we approach our PE lessons at BCA. When I asked which students were being positive role models (in this case doing it spontaneously, unlike when they do it in class, when they are linked to the learning intentions), a Year 8 student was pointed out. The dance teacher’s jaw literally dropped, as she couldn’t believe a Year 8 student could support others in the way that she did.

This reaffirms why we deliver PE in this way; it supports learners to accelerate their own learning, whilst positively contributing to the development of others in the class.

It might be worth noting, that the teacher comes from an outstanding academy.

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