Evolving Philosophy – Chris Coombs (CLF ITT) Guest Post

Chris Coombs (@CoombsPE) recently spent a day with us at Bath Community Academy as part of the Cabot Learning Federation ITT Induction Programme.

Here are some of his reflections on the day.

You can follow Chris’ journey by reading his blog

Evolving Philosophy

As part of my PGCE I was fortunate to observe a particular school in Bath on a fascinating journey.
Upon arrival we were informed of the background and the location of the school. This school, although being in Bath is in the bottom 2% of deprived areas in the country. The predecessor school had failed Ofsted and were on the brink of closing before their immense change. 
The school is still in it’s developmental stages but already it is fascinating to see the determination and work ethic of the staff.  I, as a trainee PE teacher, was placed in the PE department and was immediately taken by the philosophy that they’ve adopted and the rationale behind it. 

Although we were merely observing we were asked to complete a card sort exercise. We were given about 40 cards that had desirable skills of a person. Ranging from physical skills to emotional skills and we were asked to take the role of a British and lions coach and chose 10 qualities that we thought would be desirable for a lions player. The outcome was inspirational, we had chose qualities such as passion, growth mindset and inspiring others instead of skills such as passing off both hands, strength and speed!

Upon reflection how many PE lessons are skill based first? A good lesson may include an element of developing the whole child! So if we think that skills are not as desirable as skills necessarily then why are the vast majority of PE lessons skills based! 

My small experience of this school has definitely got me questioning my own philosophy and as a trainee it will constantly develop. I have been truly inspired by this one school and it solidifies my belief that this is such an exciting time to be a trainee teacher


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