Leading from PE

As part of my role as Assistant Head Teacher, I am planning to deliver a series of sessions at our weekly CPD session that runs every Thursday from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

The sessions are going to be based around the “comfort stretch panic curve”, a concept first introduced to me by Ronnie Heath (@creatorronnie), Managing Director of Create Develoment. I posted about CSP back in December 2011. Click here to read… 

This is another example of where practice emerging from PE is being valued by SLT and is having a positive impact in the wider Academy.
Here are my initial thoughts about what the programme will include.
CSP inset thoughts
– what is the CSP curve?
– Key features of each zone – C, S & P.
–  what factors influence placement on CSP curve?
– What impact does it have on leap practice.
– How do we know when students in our lessons are in C, S & P? What behaviours do we witness?
– how can we ensure we stretch all students?
– self reflection:
  – how often do we visit stretch?
  – what influences our decision to be comfortable than to stretch ourselves?
  – Why do we sometimes find ourselves panicking (avoidable and unavoidable factors).
  – what impact does this have on student learning?
  – how can we stretch ourselves in the classroom?
As I adapt and refine my content, I shall post updates on this blog. When I deliver the training, I shall upload activities and feedback from staff.

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