An opportunity missed

On Thursday I spent the day travelling to London for a Westminster Briefing entitled “The Future of School Sports: Making the Legacy a Reality”.

One of the strengths of any conference / briefing of this nature, is the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. This was actively encouraged at key moments in the day (including a networking lunch).

However, to effectively network in a 45 minute window is a challenge. I met and discussed with three people in this time, and even then, we didn’t get a chance to dig that deep into any specific area. There were many more of the 60+ delegates that I would have liked to have spoken to and exchanged contact details with.
A simple strategy that the organisers missed was to promote their twitter feed – @westminbreifing – and inform delegates to use a particular # so that networking could begin straight away. This was even more obvious in that several of the guest speakers actually had their own twitter feeds.
This way, if you did not have time to physically meet someone, you could virtually meet them at a later time. Also, if you start a conversation with ‘are you on twitter, Linked In etc’ , you know that you don’t have to finish your conversation / draw conclusions as you can continue the debate on line at a later time.

Surely by now, such events should be using the power of twitter to connect their delegates?

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