Our boys took one hell of a beating!

I wonder how often the players playing for the England rugby team today experienced failure in their PE lessons.

Our exceptionally “gifted and talented” students are very often praised for demonstrating significantly higher levels of skill than their peers. They are often given the captainsy of the school team and played in positions that maximise the impact they have on the team. The differential in skill level could be partly attributed to the level of coaching they receive outside of school in their respective clubs/representative squads.

The best players often play in the best teams and often perform well (score goals, tries etc). I should imagine that players like Wayne Rooney scored several goals a game as a junior and subsequently found himself on a winning team most of the time.

To make the best players able to deal with and respond to circumstances such as the England players found themselves in today against Wales, PE teachers should ensure that they experience this sort of situation on a regular basis (or similar personal experiences.of failure/challenge) so that they know how to maintain performance levels (or even improve them) and win from such positions.

How many other occasions down the years have ‘good’ teams or individuals failed to respond to adverse situations?

Tennis is a good example of players having to come from sets behind to win a match.

Well done to Wales, a great performance.


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