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Today, delivered a session on using a multi-ability approach in PE at the Secondary Best Practice Forum for PE (South Gloucestershire). The group consisted mainly Heads of subject/faculty.

This post is partly for their benefit. On reflection, this is a real jumble of information. Apologies for the lack of cohesion!

Firstly, to read a selection of posts based on the methods I was leading discussion on today, you can use this Accelerating Abilities link, or in the tag cloud on the right side of the home page.

At the end of the session, I asked if anyone used blogs or twitter as a CPD tool. There was a muted response. I was initially surprised, as I now know so many bloggers and tweeters, that I assume that a majority of teachers are now involved in some way. On reflection, I know I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. 14 months ago, I had not even considered it.

So, to demonstrate the resources available to a teacher who uses social media for CPD, I will have a browse for 5 mins and see what I can find.

Matt Lloyd at Springfields Academy – using comfort-stretch-panic curve to accelerate learning

and finally, a page on the blog of Jon Tait, highlighting several quality blogs in this Collection of guest blog posts

Clock stopped! Some great reading in that lot, and just the tip of the iceberg!

Other learning
A theme that I picked up on was how many PE departments are being judged solely by their results at GCSE and/or BTec. We debated about how PE departments should be judged and how SLT’s in schools vary in terms of what they see the role of the PE Department to be. Every Head of PE has a meeting with the Headteacher in September to discuss the exam results of the GCSE/BTec courses. But how many Headteachers meet to review the wider impact that a PE and school sport programme is having on the pupils and the school?

I have posted (and been published in the NCSL online magazine) about the Role of PE in 21st Century Education. This, along with the excellent guest post from Phil Wylie  should support passionate Heads of PE to engage Headteachers with the question  ‘what do you want from your PE Department?’

Linked to this, I used a resource borrowed from Ronnie Heath at Create Development. There were 50 cards with skills/abilties written on them. The PE teachers had to choose the 10 skills / abilities that they feel are most important for one of:

  • lifelong participation in physical activity / sport
  • Fulfilling potential in PE and school sport
  • Whole child development / wider school context
  • Gold medal winning Olympian.
From these 10 skills/abilities, they then built a pyramid with the most important skill/ability at the top.
Having done this task several times, with dozens of professionals, the results were totally predictable. Every group chose a combination of social (red) and personal (orange) skills, with a few creative (purple) and Cognitive (blue) thrown in. 

Not one group chose physical skills in their top ten. Which laid the platform for a challenge…
If you perceive these skills / abilities as being the most important to develop, how often are your learning objectives based on performing physical skills?

The group engaged really well, with some really good challenges. I look forward to following up those conversations / debates on a personal level with the individuals concerned.


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