KS4 Core PE Assessment

Below is an email I have just sent to my Department about assessing pupil progress in KS4.

I have an idea for KS4 assessment…

Having never found a process that I have been entirely happy with,  I asked for some advice from on twitter. Several PE Geeks contributed to the discussion.
A friend (Matt Lloyd, Springfields Academy) suggested some ideas surrounding the cogs of learning (Create Development) and I have come up with the following solution that I think best suits our context.
I would like your thoughts on this.
  • Pupils in yr 10 and 11 choose one cog to focus their progress on. 
  • Pupils can more easily focus on their progress (current level and target behaviours) with just one cog. 
  • Pupils can decide how they can adapt/use opportunities in lessons to work on targets.
  • Assuming a spread across the cogs, specific pupils could make specific contributions to lessons e.g Health and fitness pupils could lead warm ups and follow up lessons with their own fitness sessions in the weights room,Creative pupils could adapt and refine tasks to increase challenge and fun, Social pupils can lead groups and improve performance in others…
  • Pupils with the same cog focus can share ideas about how they will use the lesson to make progress.
  • Once pupils are given a general outline of the lesson content, they can plan their personal learning opportunities.
  • Time spent lining up and in changing rooms can be spent reviewing progress and thinking and discussing how they can make progress in the coming lesson.
  • We base our assessments on the one cog.
  • Every pupil has level 8 as end of KS4 target.
  • If they achieve 8’s before then, they switch to a different cog to work on.
  • The focus on one cog shouldn’t decelerate learning. Turning their focus cog more quickly, should get the others turning faster.
  • Conversations with pupils can constantly refer to the pupils learning journey e.g. morning Ben, what is your focus cog? What level were you working at last lesson? How do you plan to make progress this lesson? etc
  • Pupils could work on one ability/statement per term to really improve that area.
  • Pupils given time in lessons to share their learning journey with others in lessons.
That’s your starting point.
Any thoughts, points to add, areas to withdraw, improvements.

One thought on “KS4 Core PE Assessment

  1. Not really to do with this but just seen a brilliant interview with Barca coach on Eurosport.

    Barcalona youth teams on average lose 70% of their matches!!!

    What is the focus of their coaching?

    This might be a good blog discussion



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