Project Phoenix

Greig Seavill (teacher of PE) has coordinated a successful enrichment programme at Culverhay school over the last two years.

Here, Greig sets out his vision for “project Phoenix”, Bath Community Academies revamped enrichment programme. I can’t recall teachers at my school being this innovative when I was a lad!

Just to let you know about some interesting changes to enrichment. 
Basically it’s changed, and is now called “Project Phoenix”.
Why the name “Project Phoenix”
The name should hopefully symbolise the fact that each year every pupil should have a chance to complete 6 “projects” that they would not normally have the chance to take part in through a regular curriculum. After speaking to pupils the Phoenix symbol was something they felt an affinity to and reflects the changing nature of the school and of the enrichment programme. The “project Phoenix” programme is something that is very individual to our school represents an opportunity for the pupils to achieve in activities that other schools could just not offer.

When is it happening?
Every Friday 1.40-2.50.
Who will be involved?
Everyone! The more staff and coaches involved in “project Phoenix” the more activities we can offer and the more successful the programme will be. As in previous emails teaching staff are encouraged to lead an activity however if you decide not to you will still need to help out with another activity.
Can I lead a session in any activity?
Within reason yes. Obviously there needs to be thought about facilities and cost of resources but the “Project” is open to all ideas. However on occasion where a specialist staff member is needed to run a session, for example having a PE teacher to run a swimming “project”, I may ask you to lead the group.
How will pupils be grouped?
Pupils will choose through their tutors a first and second choice. If they do not get their first choice term one they will be given their first choice term two.
Am i too late to lead an activity for this term?
No. If you have an idea then it would be brilliant to here it tomorrow, but the options will go out to tutors on Wednesday morning. We have around thirty activities already, this means 3o staff have already volunteered to led a group. The more groups the smaller the class sizes the greater scope for fitting more into each session.
How do i teach a “Project Phoenix” lesson?
This is something that will require ongoing work and will be a work in progress. Obviously as it is a timetabled lesson it still needs to be taught within the framework of what according to ofsted would be an outstanding lesson. The overall plan is to base the Objectives of the session around a skill relating to either Friendship,excellence and respect, concentrating mainly on the pupils personal, social, cognitive, creative and physical skills. The old enrichment programme undoubtedly provided fun and engagement, however to truly make the programme “outstanding” the focus on learning must be exactly the same as in our “normal” lessons.
e.g. Objective for masterchef cooking activity
“I can give sensitive feedback to a peer”
Pupils produce a Thai Green Curry
Choosing the correct objective can be tricky to begin with, however having a process based objective focuses pupils on the key PLTS skills that will benefit them in their “regular” curriculum lessons. This is something that has worked really well within the PE Dept and works equally well in classroom lessons and actually increases the chances of the pupils reaching the lesson outcome. This process will however take time and support is always available through coaching or general advice/help and CPD opportunities. In the short term i’ll email some examples of objectives specific for pupils of differing abilities.
Thats a lot if information?
You’re right it is, however as many people stated earlier in the day they don’t don’t like being looked at like the poor relation within Bath. Mention “project Phoenix” to them and see if any other school can offer kayaking, graffiti art, survival skills, rock climbing, masterchef, origami, airfix, dj skills, bowls, community leaders, gardening, snorkelling, triathlon, Poker, etc etc etc on a weekly basis as a vehicle for educating their pupils. With continued enthusiasm and courage to teach creatively “project phoenix” really could become one of many things at BCA that we are all justly proud of.
Additonal activity for G and T
Remember of you have an idea that could be used to futher our pupils personal, social, creative, physical or cognitive skills nothing is to wierd just let me know. I wasn’t joking about spy school earlier. If i was a kid i’d love to do that.
Imagine what skills you could teach through spy school! The possibilities are endless.

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