BBC – Play your part to "inspire a generation"

Dear Director General of the BBC,

The BBC coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games has been extraordinary. I am in no doubt that you have played a key role in building the momentum of the support the nation has been giving Team GB by allowing the public to see and hear so much of the action. The goose bump inducing commentary and expert analysis has allowed everyone to be involved, understand the competitions and feel a part of the games, regardless of previous sporting experience.

However, I feel that you have an opportunity to ensure that the generation continues to be inspired, long after both sets of games are over.

As a PE teacher, I would love to have access to each and every gold medal winning performance (or highlights of longer events such as the tennis) in a free online archive to use in lessons, tutor time and assemblies.

In time, I would also like to see a series of documentaries about the gold medal winners (or even all medalists), of which there may be quite a few by the end of the games. Each athlete has a unique story to be told, each story has the potential to inspire so many young people to achieve their potential.

You and your team should be proud of the coverage you are providing the nation with. I look forward to seeing the remainder of the games and your follow up material, supporting the legacy that Lord Coe promised.

Best regards,

Simon Scarborough

Excellence Community Leader
Bath Community Academy


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