Summer Blogging

Just a quick note to regular readers of my blog.

I had an extraordinary run=in to the end of the academic year. I wrote about the work I was involved with during Term 6 in the Kick back and relax post published in early June.

Well it turned out to be far busier than I had anticiapted!

Culverhay School is closing and reopening in September as Bath Community Academy (which will be the sixth Secondary Academy of the Bristol based Cabot Learning Federation). I will become a member of the senior leadership team, as I start my role as one of three ‘community leaders’. More about this in a later post.

The significance of this has been that the Designate Principal (Adam Williams, previously Principal at John Cabot Academy) was appointed in February, becoming full time working out of Culverhay from mid June. Although Culverhay was a fully functioning school, so much needed to be done to ensure that BCA is ready for pupils at the start of September.

I have been heavily involved in this process, which is really exciting and has provided me with an opportunity to influence and shape the future of BCA.

However, I was already very busy with my current post and hadn’t planned for the extra workload. As a result, my blogging had to take a back seat as I attempted to balance my current and future responsibilities. So much happened that was worth blogging about, but I just didn’t have the capacity.

So a well deserved break from all things work related is currently being enjoyed, as I get completely absorbed by the Olympics. There will be the occasional post during the holidays, including information about my new role and how the content of this blog may differ.

Enjoy the Olympics!


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