Dodge or Bump

Matt Lloyd is the Head of PE at Springfields Academy. He introduced me to the concept of ‘dodge or bump’ which he uses with his ASD pupils. This blog post explains the concept (which I have pasted into this post at the bottom).

Today, one of my pupils with aspergers didn’t want to work with another pupil with BESD (who tends to be confrontational when working in groups). I had a decision to make – dodge the situation by changing groups? Or carefully bump them into understanding how they may work through their problems.

I opted for the…


Five minutes later, the boy with aspergers was giving supportive feedback to help keep the BESD pupil to remain calm and even giving technical feedback to improve his performance. The BESD pupil struggles to listen to, accept and act on my feedback, but he responded brilliantly to his peer. This built the confidence of both pupils and they chose to stay working together for the rest of the lesson.


2. Dodge or Bump?
The following morning Ronnie Heath spoke and challenged Ros’s viewpoint. The bump or dodge concept is very similar to Ros…. do we help our ASD pupils dodge situations or do we allow a safe and structured ‘bump’ to help their learning. But more profound was the quote…
“When you meet an Autistic person… you have met one autistic person”
Indeed we are all very different and we all see the world in very different ways just like all of our ASD pupils and one strategy my not work for all.
Personalising the learning is key for all of our young people and perhaps even more so for our complex learners but we must not see autism as an excuse and the reason to dodge but look for good quality teachers and teachingto gently bump them into understanding/accepting the world a little better.

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