Top Ten Career Highlight – Pupil Leadership / Mass Participation

Several months ago, I was approached by a member of staff from a local primary school about using our young leaders to reinvigorate and support the running of their sports day. Without any hesitation, I agreed.

In Term 5, we met up to talk about how the day might look, I tweeted my fellow #pegeeks (namely @inspir_EDPhil and @stand_out_in_PE and friends at Create Development (@creatorronnie, @creatortim, @creatorjohn), all of which have experience of delivering high quality PE and School Sport events / lessons. I asked them what key features of a primary sports day. The general themes were:

Driven / owned by the pupils

I went away and created eight events (that were inclusive and competitive) with my 6th Form Sport Diploma pupils. They can be seen using the link below. They are a series of team events based on running, throwing and jumping.

Sports Day events 

Last week, I led a session where the Year 6 pupils competed in these activities. My 6th form leaders watched and learnt how to run the activities. At the same time as competing, I coached the Year 6 pupils into a leadership mindset so that they were prepared to support my leaders on the day.

The end result was eight classes (KS1&2), each competing in four house teams, simultaneously, rotating through eight inclusive challenges/events, with one or more 6th formers leading the challenges/events, supported by three or more Year 6 leaders (who were amazing!).

This was preceded by a whole school dance and a procession to the playing fields.

It was followed by running races, where every pupil in the school competed.

The combined impact of:

  • My 6th Form leaders demonstrating excellent leadership skills and providing such positive role models
  • The Year 6 leaders responding to and flourishing in their roles of leaders
  • The number of parents and friends spectating and the manner in which they supported the children 
  • The shear number of pupils engaged, competing and enjoying physical activity
  • St Phillip’s and Culverhay ex pupil James Eynon leading the procession from the school to the field with his Olympic torch
  • The fact that it takes the total number of KS1&2 children from our local community, engaged in high quality PE and school sport, being led my young leaders, to over 800 since Easter (this being the 10th event)
has lead me to think that it lies in my top ten career highlights.
What a day!
A huge well done well done to all those at St Phillip’s. Click here to see some photos of the day.
To finish with…

Here is an email sent to me straight after the event from the receptionist at my school…


Have taken a call from a parent who was at the Sports Day you have just run.  She rang to say what a credit your students were to you and the school. 

She said they were brilliant with the children and conducted themselves very professionally and were not phased having to deal with parents etc.

She is a “dormant” teacher and said she felt that you were well rewarded putting your trust in them.

One thought on “Top Ten Career Highlight – Pupil Leadership / Mass Participation

  1. It was a brilliant day, both the sixth form and year 6 leaders were fantastic. We received many positive comments from parents regarding the quality of sport and how the young leaders were inspirational, such great role models. Thanks again for creating such a memorable event for all.


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