Department Review I – Achievement of Pupils

We have recently had subject to an Ofsted inspection (January 2012) and more recently been inspected more thoroughly during a department review led by an Ofsted trained local authority advisor. Both inspections were using the new Ofsted framework.

Here is the summary feedback on achievement of pupils in the department.

Achievement of pupils in the Department :    1 Outstanding

Recording systems for KS3 achievement have very recently been changed and Achievement data is currently difficult to assess, though this will become easier as the system embeds.

Taking RAISEonline and FFT data for GCSE & SC GCSE in PE / Sports Studies, L3 National Diplomas in Sports Sciences & Public Services, pupils are progressing as well as pupils nationally given their starting points, leading towards a judgement of Satisfactory.

Taking the Supplementary Subject-specific Guidance for Ofsted Inspectors during a PE Survey Visit, pupils and teachers exhibit most of the criteria equating to Outstanding.

Considering the relatively small numbers of pupils involved in examination groups in comparison with those experiencing non-examined core PE, a best fit for Achievement would be Outstanding.

Pupils show exceptional independence and show a high degree of initiative in taking charge of their own progress. This is embedded throughout the school. They eagerly participate in lessons and enrichment activities are well attended. They display very positive attitudes, as exemplified by such comments as “they (the teachers) show us respect and we show it back”, “we don’t want to let the teachers down”.

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