Three G’s of Leadership

In a recent interview for a leadership post, I thought about traits or qualities an effective leader should have, and which I feel that I possess.

I came up with the 3 G’s:

Grit – this refers to having high levels resilience. Life as a leader can be tough. When things do become difficult, it’s important to remain positive. It’s even more important to maintain a positive perception of you by colleagues. They will look to you for reassurance and strength in difficult times. As a leader, what you think is important, but what others think you think is more important.

Guts – this refers to having the courage to take risks, have difficult conversations when required and have the confidence / belief to lead change when faced with opposition.

Global – this refers to networking, sharing good practice, reading latest research and development papers…not just within school, the local authority, regionally or even nationally. With the use of social media, it is now as easy to learn from the teacher in the next classroom as it is the teacher living in a different continent.  Outstanding leaders in education need to embrace the digital revolution in order to maximise the flow of information and the ease in which it is accessible, otherwise I fear they will be left behind.


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