Simply the Best

It has long been debated by teachers which subject is the most important. Looking at these 10 outcomes of core PE (as created by the PE, school sport and club links strategy (PESSCL )), it provides a compelling case for PE to be the most enriching and diverse of subjects.

It also allows pupils to develop key transferable skills to prepare them for life in a rapidly changing world, and one which no one really knows what it will look like in the years and decades to come.
The 10 outcomes of PE:
1 show commitment
2 understand what you are doing
3 be healthy and active
4 showing confidence
5 developing your skills
6 taking part in new activities
7 thinking for yourself
8 being keen to improve
9 building up your strength, suppleness and stamina
10 enjoy what you do
At Culverhay, the PE Department uses Create developments 6 cogs of learning to deliver high quality PE. These cogs have progressive outcomes for each cog (or ability), which allows every pupil to set specific goals/outcomes, regardless of their level of ability.
The cogs/abilities are:
Health and fitness.
I shall post in the near future some case studies of what skills our highest achieving pupils are demonstrating. You will be amazed!
I would like to hear or read about other teachers make the case for their subject. Do you know anyone that could passionately fight for their subject? Forward them this URL and ask them to put their case forward.

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