120th Primary Festival

Written by Mark Gunning, SSCo:

The 120th Culverhay cluster festival today was arguably the best in the school’s history. Over 160 children attended and produced a great display of both skill and resilience. In attendance at the Tag – Tails festival were: St. Martins Garden, St. Philips, Southdown and St. Michaels.  
Over the past 6 years nearly 12,000 sporting opportunities have been taken by local children at Culverhay. Tag Tails is an invasion game which encourages team work, decision making and appreciation of space.
The festivals was coordinated by SSco Mark Gunning and PE teacher Tom Hooper also promotes the 7 Olympic Values through this safe and inclusive game.
Culverhay’s very own Year 9 ‘Young Leaders’ were used to coach, encourage and help the Year 5 children engage and learn news skills. Mark Gunning commented: ‘It’s so nice to see our boys engage and interact with younger children – they are both highly sensitive and positive towards them which creates a fun and safe atmosphere.’
All pupils left with a smile on their faces after the competition had ended – the Year 5s will be back in the summer for the school’s annual swimming gala.  

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