Excellence through PE

….I’ve heard that somewhere before.

This terms whole school Olympic value (lead by myself) is Excellence. Here is an email sent to all staff to try and promote excellence.

As you are aware, this terms Olympic Value is Excellence.
Please facilitate a discussion in tutor time about what excellence is. Ask the boys to consider their own definitions and what it means to them. As part of the discussion, try to talk about how making large levels of progress and performing above and beyond expectations can be excellent, so that excellence then becomes something that all pupils can achieve (not just the G&T pupils).
All staff
please try to spot pupils being excellent and reward them for it. Make the rewards public by sharing with the class why they got the reward e.g Jim has been given this reward for showing excellence by …….’  This could be academically (creating a special piece of work), socially (supporting others), personally (determination, concentration, consistent punctuality/organisation), creatively etc…..  
Perhaps a realistic target would be at least 3 per lesson (including tutor). Maybe ask boys to peer nominate in tutor time any tutees that have demonstrated excellence during the day.  A reminder that there is a space in the rewards page of the organiser for Olympic values.
Kind regards,

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