I have a (Olympic) dream… part 1

Here are some extracts of my application for £8,000 from the London 2012 Get Set progranme.

I feel it is vital that every school takes a responsibility to ensure that all pupils benefit from London hosting the Olympic games.

1) Your Existing Activity
How is your school already engaging with Get Set and other London 2012 opportunities?

Look at our get set blog for activities already completed. Also go to http://www.excellencethroughpe.co.uk/. This leads to my blog. Search for Olympic values and a range of posts should be available.

Activities include:
      ·   Whole school Olympic Value focus (one per term).
  • Visits by Dai Greene and Ben Rushgrove.
  • 6th form leaders delivering Primary School Olympic Value festivals.
  • Community torch relay, involving 10 schools / sports clubs and engaging over 1000 children.
  • Pupil lead Olympic values assemblies (in Culverhay School and in primary schools).
  • Olympic Ambassadors group in Wednesday afternoon enrichment programme.
  • Tutor activities, lead by Olympic Ambassadors, including Get Set goes global, supporting a country per tutor.
  • Olympic Values, Olympic leaders and Paralympics options in KS4 core PE.
  • Olympic leaders in Core PE running festivals for local nursery children.

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