Man Down / I don’t wan’t him in our group Part 2

With reference to the posts on 25/11/11……………….

In today’s Waboba lesson………

2 weeks on……………………

Man Down – The same pupil wanted to go a man down……again. They drew one game (1-1) and won the other (5-0). They are considering going down two men to get more stretch!

I don’t want him in our group – I over heard the same pupil (that stretched his social skills to invite a pupil he struggled to work with into his group) invite another similar pupil who was not in a group to join their team. I pulled him to one side and he told me it was a conscious decision to look for people being left out and including them in his team, regardless of the pupils background/attitude.

This demonstrates the long term impact of Create Developments methods.


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