Another tipping point!

How do you think a group of Year 7 boys would react to one of their peers asking to have a float belt attached around their waste in a swimming lesson?

I’m sure in some schools, it would open the pupil up to some degree of abuse/bullying.

In myYear 7 class, there wasn’t a hint of bullying. In fact, something quite the opposite happened.

Since the start of the term, I have highlighted the importance of pupils being able to set their own level of challenge during tasks to maximise their own learning.

After a pupil asked to have a belt on, soon after a second pupil asked for one on, then a third……

By half way through the lesson, 7 out of the 23 pupils had belts on. Some took them off again once their confidence levels had increased and others left them on.

At no point did any pupils question or comment on others wearing the floats. I seemed to have created an atmosphere whereby all pupils understand the need for each individual to be challenged and that everyone is at a different point on their learnging journey. Subsequently, pupils have full respect for others in the class, which has eliminated any derogatory comments about others performance.

A brilliant side effect of delivering lessons using Create Developments Cogs of learning.


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