ICT Behaviour Management Experience

As an NQT I have always been taught that Behaviour Management Issues within the classroom should be dealt with head on and always addressed at the earliest possible point.  I would like to put across a scenario and appreciate others thoughts on the issue.  During one of my bottom band ICT lessons this week (although I am part of the PE department I have taken on a role as an ICT Teacher due to demand in the school) one of the pupils enters the room in the midst of an argument with another pupil and uses some rather colourful language to tell him where to go.  What I would normally have done was to send the pupil back out to cool off, have a restorative justice conversation with him and use the schools behavioural policy accordingly which would result in him having a lunch time detention.  On this occassion I did not go through this process and sanction him but instead quietened both boys down had a very quick conversation with them and let them log on to begin the lesson.  The lesson turned out to be one of the best so far this year with both pupils engaging at very high levels and producing distinction grade work.  After the lesson the pupil thanked me for not sanctioning him and allowing him to take part in the lesson and achieve within ICT.  I asked him the question ‘what would other teachers have done?’ and ‘what would have been the outcome?’ to which he replied a detention to which I would have gone mad and got removed from the class.  My question is this, by using a sanction which the pupil has consistently gone through during his school life (he has a history of behavioural problems) would he have learned not to use colourful language?  Have I done this pupil a misjustice in not punishing him for his bad behaviour or has he got more out of this process by being able to take part in a successful lesson and coming up with his own conclusion about the way he should and shouldn’t behave?


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