Tag Tails Primary School Festival

Today was the 116th primary school festival that Culverhay have hosted since I became Head of PE, and Mark Gunning became our SSCo.

Mark has developed some of the strongest links with feeder schools in the region and is the true driving force behind the festivals.

This year, we have planned our festivals to coincide with core PE lessons, to allow our pupils to run the events without having to be taken out of other lessons. On Wednesday (in the presence of Ronnie Heath, MD Create Development @create_dev) my yr 9’s had a leadership lesson, which was intended to prepare them for the festival.

The main focus was on the Social cog –

All pupils were expected to: take on different roles (Level 5) in the officiating of the games.

Most pupils were expected to: involve others and motivate those around them (Yr 4 pupils) to perform better (level 6) and to inspire and enthuse the participants (level 7).

Some pupils were expected/challenged to: senstivley negotiate to avoid and resolve conflict when an incident occurs (level 8)

On the day, all the boys responded really well. One group of leaders took it upon themselves to create a huddle with their team before and after each match to inspire and enthuse the pupils. Brilliant.

Here is a press release written by Mark.

Approximately 120 Year 4 pupils from the Culverhay cluster (St. Martins Garden, St. Philips, Southdown and St. Michaels) attended the school’s annual Tag- Tails festival.  Tag Tails is an invasion game which encourages team work, decision making and appreciation of space.
The festivals coordinated by SSco Mark Gunning and Head of PE Simon Scarborough also promotes the Olympic Values of Respect, Friendship and equality through this safe and inclusive game.
Culverhay’s very own ‘Young Leaders’ are used to coach, encourage and help the year 4 children engage and learn news skills. At the same time as this is going on the ‘Young Leaders’ are improving their very own social and personal skills, something Scarborough has a real passion for. He added ‘ the festivals are great for all concerned, the young children love coming to Culverhay to take part and our boys are inspiring the next generation of Young Leaders.’
All pupils left with a smile on their faces after the competition had ended with some coming be back future festivals later on in the academic year.

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