Olympic Value Assembly

I had arranged with a Head of House to lead his assembly on Olympic values and show a short film created by the Olympic Ambassadors. However, we encountered a few problems last minute converting the file.

Rather than cancel, I thought I would change the focus, using the weekends sporting action for examples.

Determination, Respect and Excellence – Wales Rugby Union

Despite ultimately loosing their semi final, I thought they were superb on Saturday morning. Their response to Sam Warbourton’s sending off was amazing. I have many Welsh colleagues and friends who were gutted, but immensely proud. I was proud of them as well. I was right behind them all the way. England Rugby – take note.

Determination & Excellence – Dan Wheldon

What a tragic loss of life.

There is much debate about why there were so many cars on the track at one time and that it was ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

My understanding is that Dan was trying to win the $5m for starting last on the grid and winning the race so that he could donate the money to charity.

An amazing driver whose life ended so tragically early and left behind a wife and 2 young boys.



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