Accelerating Abilities – Pilot

Having nearly completed profiles for all of our KS3 pupils, we have found something quite interesting.

In Year 8, we have a pupil that competes at National Level in Gymnastics. His overall profile looks great for a year 8, but what catches the eye is the fact that he has completed all 8 levels for personal.

This goes some way to explain why he has won Gold medals at national championships.

He has also completed level 6 in Social and is targeted each level 7 statement. Possibly due to a lack of interaction in his competing (individual events), but I’m sure once he is made aware of his targets e.g. I can inspire and enthuse those around me, he will make rapid progress. (as we find with all pupils that are clear about what their targets are, rather than just ‘doing’ PE and ‘drifting’ along!).

Can we use him to inspire others to achieve? Can he take on a role of mentor to his peers, in turn pushing him up the social cog.


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