BSU Saturation Teaching

Had the Bath Spa Teachers (BST’s) in last week for their first taster of life as a PE teacher.

Straight into it (while other BST’s from other subjects were in lectures learning about how to teach) with my classes being split up into smaller groups, being lead by the BST’s.

First up, a yr 7 problem solving lesson, where the BST’s had to assess the 5/6 pupils in their group what level ‘personal’ and ‘social’ they were working at during the tasks. BST’s could talk to the pupils during the tasks, but encouraged to ask questions only (no guidance).

Another lesson – Year 9 Competition. Completing some raising the bar challenge cards (agility reaction/ersponse (12) and Coordination floor movement (10). Lesson asessment focus on peronal (aiming for level 6 or 7) and social (level 6 or 7).

I lead the start, pupils then into 4 groups, lead by pairs of BST’s, overseen by me, prompting the BST’s where needed and praising when deserved (which was pretty high for first week in).

Accelerated learning achieved for both pupils and BST’s, and less work for me with 7 very capable and keen TA’s!


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