So many pupils appear to be set very few (if any) boundaries at home, which causes significant problems in school.

These pupils are not used to taking responsibility for their actions, and find it very difficult to accept consequences to their actions.

I had 4 fairly major incidents with seperate pupils, over 3 lessons/classes, in one day last week. On each occasion, I told them what I was looking for, and what the consequences would be if they chose to do other things (use of internet in a computer room). I logged them off and set them work on paper, where by they became upset, because they disagreed with my policy. This lead to a whole load of abuse and tantrums.

Calm, consistent, unflappable (despite being verbally abused) managed to avoid a major scene (hard for them to argue with someone who continues to be fair/nice to them!).

Senior leader called to remove and internal suspension resulted (not for the computer issue, but the defiance and abuse that followed). Hopefully next time they will learn to accept the consequences. Not easy for them if not practiced.


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