Remote rewards

I spend a significant chunk of time in computer rooms these days.

Remote learning is an incredible piece of software that allows you to:

  • monitor the use of all the computers in your classroom,
  • ban certain applications / websites,
  • blank screens,
  • log pupils off,
  • take control of their screens,
  • show all pupils your screen,
  • show all pupils one of the other pupils screens,

and a whole load more.

I set a task in a COPE lesson this week, where pupils had to create a powerpoint, with each slide showing an image of a particular chess piece, and explain what moves that piece can perform.

I set a time of 7 mins. I explained that the pupil with the best design / quality of work at that point, I would display their work on all the computer screens, and they would get 2 rewards.

The pupils really responded well and the excitement built as I counted down to the big reveal.

Another 5 mins, a different focus (most improved work, best effort, best use of images, best literacy etc) another winner, more rewards.

If your school doesn’t have remote learning, put some pressure on and get it!


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