Safeguarding Inset

We had a safeguarding Inset today. The day was delivered by 2 professionals.

Nicola Barrett, Integrated safeguarding officer for BANES delivered 2 sessions, covering a wide range of issues surrounding children at risk, types of abuse, policy and procedure advice etc. The sessions reminded me that safety and welfare of the pupils is the greatest responsibility that educational professionals have, and this is perhaps more important to PE teachers due to the nature of our work.

Check out this link for a refresher of the issues surrounding safeguarding.

The afternoon session was delivered by a Detective Constable (missed name), who specialises in online safety, who also works with the SWGfL to advise on Internet security.

The session was amazing. It was a whirlwind tour of what technology can offer and how young people are using it. I thought I was a techno native, but after this presentation, I think I sway more towards the side of technology immigrant!

It’s worth keeping tabs on what the technology is doing, and worth all teachers revising their security settings on all of their online activity……before it’s too late. Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back!


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