Dear Parent / Carer..

How often do you find yourself contacting parents about the progress of some of your pupils? And how often does it take longer than you had planned?

Now that we are delivering all of our OCR National Level 2 and 3 courses through blogs, I am hatching a plan. It goes like this…..

  1. Pupils set up their unit blog
  2. They follow my unit blog, so that they can keep an eye on work set and I can check their work
  3. They add the ‘follow by email’ gadget to their blog.
  4. They then invite their parents to follow their blog. So every time they submit a post/task, parents will be able to see it.
  5. Pupils then send parents a link to my blog, where parents can subscribe to follow by email. Then, every time I set a task, set a deadline date, post reminders, pupil of the week awards etc, parents will receive the same message.

I think this is going to be great!

Can anyone forsee any problems with parents being so close to their childs education/work?


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